Toothpaste is considered a basic necessity for everyone in the modern world. Most of us take for granted that we should brush our teeth a few times a day in order to maintain healthy teeth. Because of this, dental care market has experienced a boom. Smart advertisers realize that commonContinue Reading

The ectodermal dysplasia is a medical term that actually covers a large group of more than a hundred diseases. It has a genetic basis and is characterized by lack of body hair and hair on the scalp (hypotrichosis), capacity of reduced sweating (hipodidrosis) and congenital absence of teeth (hypodontia). AlthoughContinue Reading

Saliva plays a key role for a healthy mouth. The reduction in salivary flow, which may be due to reasons such as stress or taking certain medications, makes us more vulnerable to developing oral health problems, including tooth decay or gingivitis. Although not a disease in its strict definition, calledContinue Reading

Caring for the health of the mouth and teeth is essential, although sometimes we pay a less attention due until it appears a cavity or the annoying toothache. As in other chapters of health, the mouth cannot escape the myths and false beliefs that, if followed, will be doing justContinue Reading

General health concepts It takes a long while for us to understand that our health begins in our mouth and many would not agree to this and be wondering why it should. The dental health of a person is what is the first and foremost in maintaining good health, toContinue Reading

Aging affects your entire body including your teeth. As you age, your natural tooth enamel breaks down causing your teeth to become thinner and more fragile. The possibility of tooth loss is much greater than in your younger years. With age, good dental care and oral hygiene becomes very importantContinue Reading