The Vitiligo is a disorder of skin pigmentation which is manifested by the appearance of white spots in various parts of the body. It is estimated, according to medical data, that it affects 2% of the population, the greater proportion of young people (between 20 and 30 years). This benignContinue Reading

The atopic skin is a chronic disease of the skin which is manifested as eczema and studies in outbreaks. The atopic dermatitis, cutaneous manifestation of atopy, defined as a tendency to overreact against irritants, allergens and even drugs. Although it may occur in people of any age, it is aContinue Reading

What is rosacea? It is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous follicles of the face, especially in the area of the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, and which is accompanied by a dilation of small capillaries. Although it is not a serious disorder, appearing on the face can lead toContinue Reading

The bedsores, also called pressure ulcers appear in specific areas of skin in those people who, for various health reasons, required to be for a long time in bed rest. It can also occur in people whose mobility difficulties force them to go in a wheelchair. The ulceration of theContinue Reading

Stem cells, thanks to its anti-aging effect, regenerate and repair damaged skin. Hence it’s potential in the application of anti-aging treatments to slow aging and reverse its effects in the skin, such as the appearance of wrinkles. Treatments of aesthetic medicine based on stem cells are used to remove wrinkles,Continue Reading

The skin, though curiously is the largest organ of our body, does not always receive due attention. Skin cancer prevention begins precisely by being alert to changes that may occur in the skin, ranging from the appearance of a mole to a blemish, mark or bump. Logically see any changesContinue Reading