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Holistic massage: What is it?

Discover one of the most relaxing massage techniques to release tension and restore serenity to physical and mental level.

holistic massage

Relaxing, stimulating and, above all, a good remedy to relieve tension. The massages provide great benefits for physical and mental health, and specifically the holistic massage is a therapy designed to relax the mind and body, releasing tension and stress, declared enemy of the health. This massage also activates blood circulation, helps to relax the muscles and improves the health of the skin. A massage suitable for all body areas, especially the back, neck, hands, arms, abdomen or head.


The term holistic comes from the Greek ‘Holos’, which literally means everything. Hence, through this massage will find the relaxation of the mind and the body as a whole. This type of massage can be combined with music or other relaxation techniques such as aromatherapy (essential oils).

Among the benefits that are attributed to the principal is to reduce stress and anxiety, which increases the level of energy, improves concentration and decision-making. Releases tension and muscle stiffness, calms the nervous system, improves posture, promotes circulation, helps to conciliate the sleep and activates the immune system.

What kind of ailments is recommended? This type of massage is a complementary therapy recommended to relieve headaches or migraines, circulatory problems, backaches, insomnia, fluid retention or arthritis, among others.

How to give holistic massage

The holistic massage can be done with the simple technique of the frictions, i.e., massaging the body making soft circles with the fingers of the hands while to be applying the essential oils. It starts with the feet and legs and rising upwards.

Subsequently, to activate blood circulation applies the kneading technique, exerting some pressure on the skin, as if we were kneading bread. To complete, carried out with the hands placed vertically, with percussion movements throughout the body. During the massage mainly used the essential oils more suitable for the emotional state of the person.