The cracked heels, rough to the touch, is one of the problems most commonly affecting the feet. This generally is due to one of the parts most subject to friction body and, therefore, more vulnerable to cuts or abrasions. Also it affects the dry skin formation and callus areas. OneContinue Reading

Yoga not only relaxes your body, it is a balm for your feet. We propose some simple exercises you can do at home to relieve fatigue and accumulated throughout the day hassles. Not always pay enough attention until start discomfort (from a simple rash to a feeling of heaviness), andContinue Reading


Some conditions are minor and often more cosmetic than a risk to your health. Hammertoes are one of those conditions that may or may not “need” treatment depending on how much they bother you, but there are options — both surgical and non-surgical — that may make treating your hammertoesContinue Reading

feet in winter

The very cold winter may promote the development or aggravate foot problems; hence the importance of a series of basic care, such as wearing a proper shoes, not too tight, and avoids moisture in the feet. A strong and healthy foot is essential for enjoying a good quality of life.Continue Reading