Sciatica, which can be confused with lumbago, although each has its special-condition is characterized by pain that exceeds the lower back and reaches the lower limbs. It is what in medical terms, is called radiating back pain. When the pain spreads, and down the back or side of the thigh,Continue Reading


We are facing a pathology that have about 10% of the population and is the leading cause of permanent disability. Although it is a disease that’s commonly been related to aging, arthritis manifests after 40 and even though with some peculiarities, osteoarthritis can be diagnosed in children and young people,Continue Reading

low back pain

Low back pain can be defined as pain that occurs when the spine complaint, being multiple causes of its appearance. It is disorders that undermine our mobility, usually temporarily, and not easily escape. In fact, according to doctors, 8 of every 10 people will suffer from at some point inContinue Reading