skin sensitivity

Following the various hide skin sensitivity issues affecting the health of our skin. Not all are equally sensitive skin, and causes of a delicate complexion, but there are some preventive measures that apply to all, how to use cosmetics and hygiene hypoallergenic cleaners use less aggressive as possible, avoid airContinue Reading

seasonal allergies

As a complementary method for pathology such as allergic rhinitis drug treatment (antihistamine), whose most frequent symptoms include runny nose and blocked nose. Seasonal allergies, although the drugs will relieve the symptoms, can be very uncomfortable. For this reason, patients who suffer seek other alternatives to enhance treatment and improveContinue Reading


Itching, pain, redness and swelling are the most common symptoms of candidiasis, infection caused by the overgrowth of a microscopic fungus (Candida) normally present in the body and in certain conditions in the external environment. An uncomfortable inconvenience that can be treated by a specific therapy. Knowing the symptoms and,Continue Reading

skin allergies

Skin allergies are, together with the mucous membranes and respiratory allergies, the most common. And among the highlights skin allergies, because of its prevalence, especially two hives and dermatitis, but we must also mention bronchial asthma. What are the causes of skin allergies?, What are its symptoms, how to recognizeContinue Reading

Not the only question that assails us with a cyst, what are harmless? Cysts are located under the skin and are usually the result of the blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands or hair follicles clogged. The most common skin cyst is the epidermal or sebaceous. Before youContinue Reading